Most people believe that when it comes to resolving a family or other dispute, they know what solutions will work best for them and their family. This is the rationale behind addressing inter personal conflicts through mediation.

Mediation is a process in which a trained, neutral third party meets with you and the other party to a dispute, such as a divorce. The mediator helps you reach your own, individually tailored resolution. The mediator, acting as a neutral facilitator, will help you clarify the issues and identify and evaluate possible resolutions. The mediator will support you and the other party in respectfully crafting your own agreement. Once you have done so, the mediator will prepare a memorandum of agreement that the parties' attorneys can use to prepare the appropriate documents for entry by the court.

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation differs from litigation in many respects. This alternative dispute resolution process is becoming increasingly popular for divorce and other family law issues, as well as many other types of disputes. Here are some of the many reasons people choose to resolve conflicts through mediation:

  • Control: You and the other party are in control of what potential resolutions you are willing to accept or reject.
  • Speed: Because you control the pace and time frame of mediation, disputes are often resolved more quickly than they would be in the court system.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: In addition to taking less time, mediation typically also involves more focused attorney involvement, which usually means less expense.
  • Flexibility: You and the other party have the flexibility to come up with and agree to creative, detailed solutions.
  • Privacy: Court hearings are a matter of public record. Mediation sessions are held privately, usually in the mediator's office.
  • Confidentiality: All discussions and documents reviewed in mediation remain completely confidential. They cannot be used in any court proceedings.
  • Improved communication and relationships: Because mediation focuses on reaching agreement, not placing blame, there is often less hostility between parties and better communication going forward. This is especially beneficial in family law matters, where parties may have to co-parent long after the case is over.

Attorney Elizabeth Lidd Factor has mediated family and other disputes for over 15 years. She helps clients resolve a variety of disputes including divorce and parentage, including establishing and modifying support obligations, allocation of parental time and responsibility, and division of assets and liabilities; employment and workplace disputes; disputes between neighbors; landlord/tenant disputes; and more.

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