I hired Liz Factor to represent me during my divorce. It proved to be a great decision. I chose Liz because of her knowledge and experience. I felt that she was able to handle the difficult nature of my case. She was able to draw from her many years of experience to inform me on the best options for me. I wish I could say that my divorce was fast and easy but sadly it was not. My ex and I disagreed on many matters. Liz worked tirelessly to ensure that the best possible solutions could be reached. She was very thorough in examining my case and ensured that I was confident in the fact that I had the very best representation. She was very professional and always easy to contact. She was able to work with my ex's attorneys to come to a settlement that was acceptable to us both. I was extremely happy with the services that I received at Elizabeth Lidd Factor Law Office. I would highly recommend her to others looking to hire a divorce attorney.