I am thankful to have this opportunity to tell about my experience as a client of Elizabeth Factor.

I had known Elizabeth for several years before hiring as my attorney as our daughters went to school together. In the fall of 2011 I was consulting Elizabeth about a real estate matter when I received the surprising news that my wife was seeking a divorce.

When I told Elizabeth that I will now would need her assistance in a divorce case she could see that I was noticeably disturbed about the matter. That evening she took her personal time to call me and assure me that things were not as bad as they seemed and that things should work out all right. They did thanks to her efforts. I will not soon forget the time she took to reassure me as client. It was a great help to me at the time and I felt it was way beyond the call of duty.

All through the divorce which took about 1 1/2 years Elizabeth worked 100% in my best interest and also did her best to keep my expenses down as much as possible. I have heard many cases in which this was not the case with lawyers. Elizabeth always seemed to care very much personally about working out a settlement that would be fair to both parties as opposed to my ex-wife's attorney who wanted only to get as much for her out of the settlement be it fair or not.

I feel that Elizabeth's rates were very fair and that no one could have done a better job of getting a fair settlement like we did. She left no stone unturned.

I would highly recommend Elizabeth Factor to anyone seeking legal help.